Guess Who

Do you know your Wildlife?

Quiz Time: What do you think this is?

Today's Feature

The Galapagos marine Iguana

Found in the Galapagos Islands, the marine Iguana is the only lizard in the world that can live and look for food at sea.

Play and Win

Take a trip down Wildlife Lane. Guess who is being described and start collecting pictures in your personal wildlife scrap book for a chance to win some our animal cards.

Who am I?

I have ivory, I am endangered, I pull bark off trees.

I am the largest mammal on land

I am an elephant.

Who am I?

I am the largest eagle in Africa.

I have a white underbelly, brown body, white legs and huge talons

I am a Martial Eagle. The largest eagle in Africa and the fifth heaviest eagle in the world.

Who am I

I am a big cat and the fastest mammal on land..

I have spots